August 18-21, 2019 | Vancouver Convention Center
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August 18-21, 2019 | Vancouver Convention Center
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Thank you!  See the photos of the event


Thank you for attending COM 2019 Hosting Copper 2019.  It was a great conference with many learning and networking opportunities.  See you at COM 2020 in Toronto and at the next Copper event in 2022!

Meet the Plenary Speakers

Get Inspired by these top Industry Leaders

 We have assembled top industry leaders who are ready to share their thoughts during the plenary sessions.


MetSoc, the 58th annual Conference of Metallurgists (COM 2019) and CIM are honoured to host Copper 2019, marking a milestone in the International Copper Conference Series with the 10th Edition. The success and outcome of the Copper Conference is the work of the eight leading International Professional Societies (IIMCh, GDMB, MetSoc, MMIJ, NFSOC, SAIMM, SME, TMS) who tirelessly persevere in bringing forth symposia of the highest quality to the delegates.

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Topics will include:

  • Cu-Downstream Fabrication and Applications
  • Cu-Electrowinning and Electrorefining
  • Cu-Health and Safety in Operations
  • Cu-Hydrometallurgy
  • Cu-Mineral Processing
  • Cu-Process Control, Optimization, and Instrumentation
  • Cu-Pyrometallurgy (The Phillip Mackey Symposium)
  • Cu-Sustainability and Waste Management
  • COM 2019-2nd China-Canada Non-Ferrous Metallurgy

History of the International Copper Conferences

1st; 1987 in Viña del Mar, Chile
2nd; 1991 in Ottawa, Canada
3rd; 1995 in Santiago, Chile
4th; 1999 in Phoenix, USA
5th; 2003 in Santiago, Chile
6th; 2007 in Toronto, Canada
7th; 2010 in Hamburg, Germany
8th; 2013 in Santiago, Chile
9th; 2016 in Japan
10th; 2019 in Vancouver, Canada

Important dates

Mark your calendar and plan ahead

Call for Abstracts Deadline November 30, 2018
Author Paper due for review March 1, 2019
Registration opens April 15, 2019
Author Registration Deadline May 15, 2019

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