August 18-21, 2019 | Vancouver Convention Center
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August 18-21, 2019 | Vancouver Convention Center
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Copper 2019 Technical Chair
Dr. Ahmad Ghahreman
Queen’s University
COM 2019 Technical Chair
Dr. Edouard Asselin
University of British Columbia



Plenary Lectures and Economics, Markets, and Historical Perspectives

Lead Chair: Joël Kapusta, BBA

This symposium will focus on the key drivers of the copper markets in the medium and long-term; new sources of supply and demand; challenges of commercially viable new developments; currency movements; demographic changes; and opportunities for new products, as well as provide some historical retrospectives and perspectives of our industry.


Downstream Fabrication & Applications

Lead Chairs: Mi Xujun, GRIMAT Eng. Inst. And Mark E. Schlesinger, Missouri University of Science & Technology

This symposium will include topics such as transformation of refined copper and copper scrap into marketable products, traditional applications and new practices in melting, casting and mechanical forming and characterization of refined copper-based products, wrought and cast alloys, alloy development and properties.


Electrowinning and Electrorefining

Lead Chair: G. Houlachi, IREQ

The topics to be discussed in this symposium will include recent technological developments in plant design and operating practices; electrode properties and processes; treatment methods for refining slimes; cathode product quality; electrolyte purification practices; and fundamentals and practice of copper electrometallurgy. A session celebrating the 150th anniversary of copper electrorefining will also be included.


Health & Safety in Operations

Lead Chairs: Drew Borcherding and Scot Sandoval, Freeport-McMoRan

For the first time, the Copper Conference will host a stand-alone symposium on Health and Safety with emphasis on operations. This symposium will cover all topics related to developing, implementing, and managing health and safety programs and policies in the metallurgical industry, including discussions on the commitments and training needed to achieve zero harm in the workplace that both management and employees must adhere to.



incorporating the Annual Hydrometallurgy Meeting

Lead Chair: Ghazaleh Nazari, II-VI Incorporated

This symposium will highlight such themes as advances in hydrometallurgical operations (acid leaching, biological leaching and solvent-extraction, ion exchange, electrowinning); new industrial projects; emerging technologies such as in-situ leaching; and modeling and simulation.


Mineral Processing

Lead Chair: Erin Bobicki, University of Toronto

The symposium will focus on what is new for the comminution, flotation and upgrading of copper ores. It will demonstrate how advances in ore-characteristization, geo-metallurgy, flotation chemistry, froth characterization and impurity control have been applied to boost production, recovery, grade and profits. It will also show how mineralogical and process characterization, process modeling and simulation, and application of process optimizing strategies have helped achieve these goals. The symposium will table recent research findings and describe new operations, expansions to existing plants, in-plant modifications and improvements to process and control equipment.


Process Control, Optimization and Instrumentation

Lead Chairs: Carole Prévost and Marc Tardif, BBA

This symposium will cover topics such as advanced process control, six sigma, lean manufacturing, equipment reliability, process modeling, new opportunities to increase value through increased instrumentation and process monitoring.


Pyrometallurgy – The Phillip Mackey Symposium

Lead Chair: Tony Warner, Worley

This symposium will honor the contributions of Phillip Mackey to the discipline of copper pyrometallurgy, including copper smelting technology. The objective of the symposium is to bring together world experts to address the latest innovations in copper pyrometallurgy and their impact on the copper industry.

At the 10th edition of the International Copper Conference Series in Vancouver this August, the Pyrometallurgy Symposium will be held in honour of the contributions of Phillip Mackey to the discipline of copper pyrometallurgy, including copper smelting technology. Notably, the International Copper Conference series was born during Phillip’s tenure as President of MetSoc in 1984.

The objective of the symposium is to bring together world experts to address the latest innovations in copper pyrometallurgy and their impact on the copper industry. The response to the call for papers for this symposium was outstanding and we are looking forward to over 100 very relevant and interesting papers being presented.


Phillip Mackey came to Canada in 1969 armed with his PhD based on work on a pilot plant facility at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia and joined the Noranda Research Centre to put his pilot plant experience to work in the copper industry. Phillip was a key figure in the commercialization of the Noranda Process and the Noranda Converter – major industrial technologies that are still in use.

Phillip’s career in non-ferrous metals now spans five decades with particular experience in copper smelting and nickel sulphide/ nickel laterite smelting. After retiring from Xstrata in 2010, Phillip formed his own company, P.J. Mackey Technology, Inc. He is currently the Senior Metallurgical Advisor to Horizonte Minerals plc, Senior Metallurgical Specialist at WorleyParsons, on the Advisory Board of North American Nickel, and is a director of Hazen Research.



Sustainable Development, Environment and Recycling

Lead Chair: Roki Fukuzawa, Hatch
Co-Chair: Doris Hiam-Galves , Hatch

This symposium will cover topics such as renewable energy in mining and processing, energy conservation and climate change, water conservation and effluent elimination, new treatment processes, life cycle analysis, risk assessment, sustainable materials management, and waste processing and recycling.  A full day session on Designing Sustainable Prosperity as a means of Building Resilience in the Copper Producing Regions will be featured in this symposium.

COM 2019

2nd China-Canada Forum on Non-Ferrous Metallurgy

Lead Chairs: Feng Xie, Northeastern University; Edouard Asselin, UBC

This forum is co-sponsored by The Non-Ferrous Society of China (China NFSoc) and MetSoc. It will provide an international platform to exchange the latest developments in non-ferrous metallurgy (excluding copper). Abstracts in the areas of extraction (hydrometallurgy and pyrometallurgy), recycling, waste treatment, corrosion and electrochemistry are welcome.



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