For decades, COM has been the venue for metallurgists and material engineers to network, develop and share ideas, and celebrate the success of their colleagues. This year, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we are transforming COM 2020 into a content-rich and interactive virtual event.

At the core of MetSoc mission is the dissemination of knowledge through its high-quality conference publications and presentations. The participants of COM 2020 will be able to attend live events such as selected presentations and panel discussions, and view a large number of pre-recorded oral presentations, and communicate their feedback and questions with the presenters and authors. While certain elements of the in-person meeting cannot be delivered through an online platform, we hope that the comfort of attending the conference from your computer will expand the access and the experience of the community to the digital contents of COM 2020.

We thank the authors, presenters, sponsors, technical program committee and conference organizers for their contributions to building the program and facilitating the transition to a virtual event and look forward to you enjoying what COM 2020 has to offer.


Mansoor Barati

Mansoor Barati, University of Toronto COM 2020 Chair

Mansoor Barati