Celebrating 60 years of the Conference of Metallurgists

Celebrating our past and our future

We hope you will visit this page often in the coming months. We will share with you some of our memories in photos, videos, technical content and more. We will also present on this page, special events taking place at virtual COM to help celebrate the 60th Anniversary.

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Memory Wall

To help mark the occasion, we invite you to post on our Memory Wall. Our goal is to bring our metallurgy and materials society together to share memories, photos, and videos from past COMs, thoughts on this year’s conference or general updates on what’s going on in your world.

Every post you share can make a difference

MetSoc would like to give back to the community by donating to a Canadian charity. For every post you share on the memory wall, MetSoc will make a donation!

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Looking back  on The 50th Conference of Metallurgists

Remembering our Past Presidents

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Free Papers from COM 2011 Proceedings

As part of our 60th COM Celebration, we are sharing papers from our 50th-anniversary book.

The Canadian Metallurgical & Materials Landscape 1960 to 2011

Edited by Joël Kapusta, Phillip Mackey and Nathan Stubina.

Canada is a vast land. Equally large, and perhaps as diversified, is the full breadth of its mining and metallurgical industry with operating plants spread right across the country. The scope of this book is indeed huge, yet this was what the editors and authors accepted while compiling this “landscape of metallurgy” over the past 50 years. A look at forces likely to shape the future of the industry and Canada is included as a reflection for the next generation.

The book aimed to document and record in one volume the huge strides accomplished in our field.

Each week we will share with you as a free download this amazing book. Be sure to come back to read more next week!

Free Book to download

All that Glitters: Readings in Historical Metallurgy 1989 All that Glitters

The 43 articles in this interesting collection have been selected from the regular Historical Metallurgy contributions to the Bulletin of Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.

Read it here!