COM 2021 Report


· Clash of the Materials Technology Panel Discussion

A highlight was the first-day panel discussion with John Campbell from the University of Birmingham, Mathieu Brochu from McGill and Priti Wanjara from National Research Council Canada. Each championed their respective technologies (from advance casting to powder-fed Additive manufacturing), outlining the advantages/disadvantages and their optimal applications. Who won? Only the viewer can discern that!

· Honouring Dr. Xinjin Cao, NRCAN with the Advances in Materials Manufacturing V Symposium

Dr. Cao was the one who initiated, organized and co-chaired all the previous four Advances in Materials Manufacturing Symposiums during COM 2014, 2015, 2017, and 2020. He was also the Vice-Chair and Executive Committee Member in the Materials Section for the MetSoc of the CIM. This symposium honoured his memory

· Giving Back to the Community- WATERFIRST Donation Challenge

To Celebrate COM, we asked our online community of followers to share photos, stories, and announcements to bring the community together. For every post added, MetSoc made a donation to WATERFIRST- this non-profit help address water challenges in Indigenous communities in Canada through education, training and meaningful collaboration.

· Celebrating 60 years of COM

Although the community could not meet in person, activities to commemorate and celebrate the conference took place. The memory wall where the community was invited to share pictures, quotes, thoughts on the current COM or past COM provided much delight.


Abstract Booklet

Student Contribution winners:

Best Materials Student Contributions

1st place:

Ali Elashery, the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi
Effect of Two-Step Homogenization on the Evolution of Al3Zr Dispersoids in Al-0.3Mg-0.4Si-0.2Zr Alloy

2nd place:
Wania Jibran, University of Alberta

Localized Surface Modification of High Strength Aluminum Alloys Using Cold Spraying and Friction Stir Processing

3rd place:
Jon Hierlihy, Dalhousie University

Laser Powder Bed Processing of Aluminum Powders Containing Iron and Nickel Additions

Best Metallurgy Student Contributions

1st place:
So-YeongLee, Kyungpook National University

Kinetic Study on Selective Chlorination of Iron from Ilmenite Ore

2nd place:
Adam Olmsted, Queen’s University

The Effects of Pilot-Scale Microwave Pretreatment on the Cyanidation of a Canadian Gold Ore

3rd place:
Patrick Diep, University of Toronto

Bioengineered Microorganisms for Nickel Removal

COM 2021 Trivia Winners

Tuesday trivia game:

1st place:
Vicken Aprahamian
, The Royal Canadian Mint

2nd place:
Andre Philion,
McMaster University

3rd place:
Andre Santoso,
DRA Global

Wednesday trivia game:

1st place:

James Noel, Western University

2nd place:
Bailee Johnson
, McGill University

3rd place:
Sheida Sarafan
, National Research Council Canada