Digital Program

The 60th Conference of Metallurgists – Virtual COM 2021

August 17-19, 2021

We invite you to join us virtually from anywhere in the world. Research presentations from COM 2021 authors will be at your fingertips.

Experts in the field have been working in the last year on their peer-reviewed papers and will present their findings to you. Help encourage the work of these authors. Join us for the digital conference hosted by MetSoc.

Digital access will include:

List of Presentations:

Deformation Mechanism, Microstructure Characterization And Fracture Analysis Of Horizontally And Vertically Printed Electron Beam Melted Ti-6Al-4V Alloy Under High Strain Rate Compressive Loadings Reza Alaghmandfard, University Of New Brunswick
Corrosion Performance Of Laser Ded Tic-Ni3Al Cermet Coatings On D2 Tool Steel Substrates Zhila Russell, Dalhousie University
On Corrosion Behavior Of As-Printed Laser Powder Bed Fused Alsi10Mg Alloy Before And After Friction Stir Processing Mehran Rafieazad, Memorial University Of Newfoundland
Sintering And Its Impact On Heat Transfer In Ebam William Sparling, University Of British Columbia
Student Presentations
Effect Of Post-Process Cooling Rate On The Microstructures And Mechanical Properties Of Additively Manufactured Alsi10Mg Alloy Dolly Clement, Carleton University
Inter-Vendor Study Of Directed Energy Deposition Build Quality Using A Commercial Ti-64 Powder Nick Gosse, Dalhousie University
Laser Powder Bed Processing Of Aluminum Powders Containing Iron And Nickel Additions Jon Hierlihy, Dalhousie University
Selective Laser Melting For Joining Dissimilar Materials: Investigations Of Interfacial Characteristics And In Situ Alloying Haokun Sun, University Of Toronto
Modification Of Primary Si Morphology In Hypereutectic Al-Si By Rapid Solidification And Alloying Daniela Diaz, University Of Alberta
High-Performance Titanium Matrix Composites Fabricated By Laser Powder Bed Fusion Eskandar Fereiduni, Mcmaster University
The Role Of Heterogeneous Structures On The Mechanical Properties Of Additively Manufactured Alsi10Mg Haoxiu Chen, University Of Toronto
The Influence Of Base Metal And Filler Metal Composition On The Kinetics Of Transient Liquid Phase Bonding In Ni-Based Superalloys Eric Moreau, Dalhousie University
Effects Of Asymmetric Rolling On Spark Plasma Sintered Preforms Fabricated From Aluminum 2219 Powder Mark Amegadzie, Dalhousie University
Deep Cryogenic Treatment As The Next Processing Step In Steel Industry Matic Jovicevic-Klug, Institute Of Metals And Technology
Evaluating The Solid-State Sintering Of A Metal Injection Molded Nickel-Based Superalloy Under Different Sintering Atmospheres Addison Rayner, Dalhousie University
Surface Modification Of An Industrially Processed 2Xxx Series Aluminium Powder Metallurgy Alloy Via Ultrasonic Pulsed Waterjet Peening Mark Amegadzie, Dalhousie University
Deep Cryogenic Treatment Of Titanium-Based Alloys Kevin Plucknett, Dalhousie University
Spark Plasma Sintering Of Metal Matrix Composites With An Aluminum 2618 Matrix System Randy Cooke, Dalhousie University
The Effect Of Rgo Content On Physico-Mechanical Properties Of Copper-Rgo Nanocomposites Produced Via The Combined Routes Of Molecular-Level Mixing And Powder Metallurgy Negar Fahimi, Sharif University Of Technology
Ioniclife Cast Technology – Real Copper In Copper Cast Martina Hanel, Mettop Gmbh
Is Powder Characterisation Important For Additive Manufacturing Processing? Mathieu Brochu, Mcgill University
Evolution Of Precipitates And Mechanical Properties In Al-Cu 224 Cast Alloys With Mg Additions Kun Liu, Uqac
Mettop-Brx Technology – The Next Level Of Tankhouse Technology At 420 A/M2 Martina Hanel, Mettop Gmbh
Development Of Advanced E-Waste Recycling Facilities Martina Hanel, Mettop Gmbh
Optimization Of Spark Plasma Sintering Process Parameters For Enhanced Fabrication Of Mullite Rich Tailings Reinforced Ti6Al4V Composite As Material For Design Of Brake Rotors Daniel Okanigbe, Tshwane University Of Technology
A Preliminary Study Of Surface Boriding Of Tic-Stainless Steel Cermets Kevin Plucknett, Dalhousie University
Linear Friction Welding Of Magnesium And Its Alloys: Overcoming Challenges Luis Angel Villegas Armenta, Mcgill Unviersity
Overview Of The Research And Development On Wire-Fed Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing In Aerospace Priti Wanjara, National Research Council Canada
Overview On Linear Friction Welding Of Aerospace Titanium Alloys Javad Gholipour Baradari, National Research Council Canada
Ultrasonic Spot Welding Of Dissimilar Lightweight Materials Daolun Chen, Ryerson University
Mechanical Characterization And Additive Manufacturing Of Metals Across Scales Yu Zou, University Of Toronto
Hybrid/Tandem Laser-Arc Welding Of Thick Low Carbon Martensitic Stainless Steel Plates For Hydraulic Turbines Application Fatemeh Mirakhorli, Nrc
Hybrid Additive/Subtractive Manufacturing Of Steels Sheida Sarafan, National Research Council Canada
Study On Precipitate Formation During Laser Powder Bed Fusion Of Inconel 625 Pardis Mohammadpour, Mcmaster University
A Multiscale Modeling Approach For Fast Prediction Of Residual Stress During Laser Powder Bed Fusion Marjan Molavi-Zarandi, National Research Council Canada
Additive Manufacturing Of Cx Stainless Steel: A Comparison Between Small-Scale And Large-Scale Fabrication Methods Ali Nasiri, Dalhousie University
Comparison Of Texture Development And Segregation In Ti-6Al-4V And In625 Alloys During High Productivity Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing Process Ilia Ushakov, Institut Jean Lamour
Critical Assessments Of Some Common Assumptions In The Use Of Concentration Dependent Interdiffusion Coefficients Obtained By Standard Analytical Methods. Olanrewaju Ojo, University Of Manitoba
Bifilm Revolution: Our First Glimpse John Campbell, University Of Birmingham, Uk.
Student Presentations
The Influence Of Roll Force And Thickness Reduction Of The Density Of Direct Powder Rolled Ti Alloy Sheets Shannon Clemens, Dalhousie University
Laser And Wire Direct Energy Deposition Of Inconel 718: Influence Of Process On Microstructure Morphology And Defects Ivan Cazic, Institut De Soudure – Université De Lorraine – Université De Luxembourg
Selective Laser Melting Of Maraging Steels Using Recycled Powders: A Comprehensive Microstructural And Mechanical Investigation Haokun Sun, University Of Toronto
Material Characterization Comparison Of D2 And H13 Tool Steels Manufactured Using Directed Energy Deposition Owen Craig, Dalhousie University – Mechanical Engineering
Advanced Surface Modification Of Titanium Alloys Using Ultrasonic Pulsed Waterjet Peening Paria Siahpour, Dalhousie University
Characterization Of A Novel Electroformed Nanocrystalline Nico Sheet Metal Jonathan Kong, University Of Toronto
On The Hardening And Subsequent Tempering Of A Wire Arc Additive Manufactured 420 Martensitic Stainless Steel Alireza Vahedi Nemani, Dalhousie University
Effects Of Columnar Grain Growth And Inhomogeneous Microstructure On The Anisotropic Mechanical Properties Of A Wire Arc Additive Manufactured Ph 13-8Mo Martensitic Stainless Steel Mahya Ghaffari, Dalhousie University
Effect Of T5 Heat Treatment On Al-7Si-Mg Alloys Printed By Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process With Different Printing Layer Thickness Chin Chieh Cheng, Mcgill University
Localized Surface Modification Of High Strength Aluminum Alloys Using Cold Spraying And Friction Stir Processing Wania Jibran, University Of Alberta
Analysis Of Inconel 625 Fabricated Through Laser Powder Bed Fusion Jonathan Lewis, University Of New Brunswick
Spark Plasma Sintered (Sps) Al-Ni/Fe/Co Alloys For High Conductivities And Strength Abdallah Elsayed, University Of Guelph
Solidification Behaviour And Kinetics Of Transient Liquid Phase Sintered Mar-M247 Nickel Superalloy Using A Bni-9 Filler Alloy Coleton Parks, Mcmaster University
Thermodynamic Modelling Of Solvent Extraction Separation Of Rare Earth Elements Kevin Heppner, Syscad
Comparative Study On Best Separation Method For Mullite Concentration Into Tailings Of A Secondary Copper Resource, A Potential Reinforcement Material For Development Of An Enhanced Thermal And Wear Resistant Ti6Al4V Matrix Composite Daniel Okanigbe, Tshwane University Of Technology
Campaign Life Extension Of Upgraded Horizontal Converters During The Process Of Intensive Smelting And Converting With Oxygen-Enriched Blowing Konstantin Bulatov, Jsc Uralmekhanobr
Industrial Tests Of Cyanide Gold Recovery From Tailings Of Uchalinsky Concentrating Plant Evgeny Vasilyev, Jsc Ummc
Functionalized Biopolymer For Non-Sulfide Gangue Suppression In Froth Flotation Cleaner Stage Laura Benavides, Imi
Optimization Of A Green Eluent For Scandium With Significantly Improved Elution Efficiency Mehdi Mostajeran, Natural Resources Canada
Mercury Eradication At The Chilean Small-Scale Gold Mining By Smelting Gravimetric Concentrates Camila Pizarro, University Of Chile
Preliminary Modeling Of A Continuous Bioreactor For Pyrrhotite Tailings Treatment Heping Shen, University Of Toronto
Proposal Of Novel Process For Pcb Recycling Using Roasting, Selective Crushing And Physical Separations Shuji Owada, Waseda University
A Comprehensive Methodology To Determine The Mechanism Of A Flotation Reagent: Review Of Existing Approaches And Critical Points Nathalie Kupka, Helmholtz Institute Freiberg For Resource Technology
Recovery Of Rees As Co-Products From A Vietnamese Sedimentary Phosphate Ore By Flotation – Impact Of Milling Conditions Huu Duong Hoang, Helmholtz Institute Freiberg For Resource Technology And Maelgwyn Mineral Services Ltd
Evaluating Forward Osmosis As A Process Intensification Strategy: The Solution To Pollution Is Concentration Noel Devaere, University Of Toronto
Nickel- And Cobalt-Concentrate Purification By Solvent Impregnated Ion Exchange Resins: A Case Study Wilson Nova Ruiz, Lanxess Corp
Hpsa: A New Technology For Dissociation Of Weakly Bounded Heterogenous Aggregates And Removal Of Surface Coatings In Beneficiation And Soil Remediation Applications Robert Grant, Disa, Llc
Behavior Of Magnesia-, Silicon Carbide- Or Alumina Based Refractories In Contact With Molten Copper Matte And Slag At Teniente Converter Leandro Voisin, University Of Chile
A Gravity Recoverable Gold Audit Of Harte Gold Corp’S Sugar Zone Mill In Northern Ontario Jonas Boehnke, Harte Gold Corp
Monoroll Comminution Machine Achieves Grinding Efficiency Breakthrough Mohammad Mousaviraad, Comminution & Transportation Tech. Inc.
Discrete Element Method (Dem) Modeling Key To Developing Energy Efficient Comminution Machine Mohammad Mousaviraad, Comminution & Transportation Tech. Inc.
Cyanide Optimization And Control Philosophy At The Touquoy Mine Mike Larter, Atlantic Gold
Coarser Grinding: Economic Benefits And Enabling Technologies Joseph Poplawski, Cidra Minerals Processing Inc.
Floatability Of Sodium Jarosites With Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Marek Pawlik, University Of British Columbia
Floc Characterization In 2D And 3D: Properties That Change, Properties That Stay The Same Ryan Maciver, University Of British Columbia
Student Presentations
Role Of Mibc On The Kinetics Of Carbonaceous Matter Flotation From Gold Ores Sugyeong Lee, Queen’S University
Parameterizing The Kinetics Of Wet Low-Intensity Magnetic Separation Using Particle Properties And Operating Conditions Juan Sebastian Guiral-Vega, Université Laval / Corem
Environmentally Friendly Comprehensive Hydrometallurgical Method Development For Neodymium Recovery From Mixed Rare Earth Aqueous Solutions Using Organo-Phosphorus Derivatives Cris Arellano, Ust
Synergistic Effect Of Acidithiobacillus Ferrooxidans, Leptospirillum Ferrooxidans And Acidithiobacillus Thiooxidans On Oxidation Of Refractory Gold Ore Atefeh Azizi, Queen’S University
Evaluation Of Different Techniques For Cyanide Measurement From Biological Samples In Gold Bio-Cyanidation Fariborz Faraji, Queen’S University
Comparison Of Energy Cost Between Freeze Crystallization And Conventional Evaporative Technologies Runlin Yuan, University Of Toronto
The Relationship Between Bench-Scale  And Pilot Plant Microwave Heating Of Ores John Forster, University Of Toronto
Analysis Of Interactions Between Anionic Dispersants And Mature Oil Sands Tailings Using Zeta Potential Distributions Marek Pawlik, University Of British Columbia
Discrete Event Simulation In Support Of New Sensor Applications At Copper And Nickel-Copper Smelters Alessandro Navarra, Mcgill University
Framework For Developing Successful Partnerships Between Operating Facilities And Machine Learning Experts Ilya Perederiy, Ntwist
Mine-To-Smelter Integration Framework For Regional Development Of Copper Porphyry Deposits Alessandro Navarra, Mcgill University
How Industry 4.0 Can Leverage Pyrometallurgy And What It Cannot Replace Nicolas Lazare, Xps A Glencore Company
Digital Transformation In Mining And Metallurgical Complexes Osvaldo Bascur, Osb Digital, Llc
Classification And Regression Models In Copper Refinery Luis Perez, Innovaxxion Spa
Online Condition Monitoring: Extending The Value Beyond Maintenance Carl Sheehan, Spartan Controls
Sorry, You Cannot Have A New Phone! Allan Cramm, Novamera Inc.
Metso:Outotec Copper Chloride Leaching Process For Copper Concentrate Marko Lampi, Metso:Outotec
Metso Outotec Coated Titanium Anodes Technology For Chlorine And Oxygen Evolutions In Electrowinning Processes Tian Zhang, Metso Outotec Finland Oy
Miller High Temperature Chlorination For Fine Gold Refining Vicken Aprahamian, Royal Canadian Mint
Use Of Commercial Sodium Hypochlorite To Replace Chlorine For Cobalt Separation At Port Colborne Refinery Tao Xue, Vale
Gold Extraction Using Clevr Process™ On  High Grade Arsenopyrite Concentrate David Lemieux, Dundee Sustainable Technologies
Column Leaching Of Chalcopyrite Ore In Ferric Sulfate Media In The Presence Of Iodide/Iodine Under Controlled Solution Potential And Ph Ronny Winarko, The University Of British Columbia
Dash, A Novel Process For The Recovery Of Iron And Hydrochloric Acid From Chloride Solution Part Ii: Engineering Evaluation Cory Kosinski, Sherritt International Corporation
Dash, A Novel Process For The Recovery Of Iron And Hydrochloric Acid From Chloride Solution  Part I: Crystallization And Thermal Decomposition Cory Kosinski, Sherritt International Corporation
Gold Leaching In Ferric Chloride Media: A Practical Approach Kresimir Ljubetic, The University Of British Columbia
Hydrochloric And Hydrofluoric Acid Recovery: New Options And How To Make Your Flow Sheet Waste Water Free Frank Baerhold, Andritz Metals
Chloride Chemistry, Its Advantages For Modern Metals Extraction Processes Bryn Harris, Consultant
Treatment Of Electric Arc Furnace Dust Via A Chloride-Processing Route Bryn Harris, Consultant
Cerium Removal From A Mixed Rare Earth Chloride Solution By Oxidation With Hydrogen Peroxide Georgiana Moldoveanu, University Of Toronto
Student Presentations
Kinetic Study On Selective Chlorination Of Iron From Ilmenite Ore So-Yeong Lee, Kyungpook National University
Model For Solvent Extraction By Basic Extractants: Closing The Gap Between Theory And Experiment Rayco Lommelen, Ku Leuven
In-Situ Monitoring And Analyzing Corrosion Under Insulation Using Electrochemical And Mass Loss Measurements Mingzhang Yang, University Of Alberta
Feconicrcu-Xal High-Entropy Alloy Coating With Gradient Microstructure On 00Cr12 Alloy Meifeng Li, University Of Alberta
Effectiveness Of Pulse Waterjet Coating Removal Ali Merati, Aerospace – Nrc
Electrochemical Study Of Filiform Corrosion Of Aluminum Alloys Daniela Arango Vasquez, University Of Alberta
Degradation Of Dented Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating In Various Aggressive Environments Min (Mina) Xu, The University Of British Columbia
The Impact Of Micro-Galvanic Coupling Versus Macro-Galvanic Coupling On The Corrosion Response Of Laser Powder Bed Fused Alsi10Mg-Cast Aa2618 Dissimilar Metal Combination Parisa Fathi, University Of New Brunswick
Local Damage Of Elbow Under Co2 Saturated 3.5%Nacl Solution System Jianguo Liu, College Of Pipeline And Civil Engineering, China University Of Petroleum (East China)
High Temperature Molten Salt Corrosion Of Stainless Steels Under Oxy-Fuel Combustion Of Coal/Biomass Feedstocks Kaiyang Li, Canmetmaterials, Natural Resources Canada
Characterization Of An Aluminum-Stainless Steel Bi-Metallic Composite Fabricated Using A Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Process Morteza Ghasri Khouzani, University Of Alberta
Corrosion Of P91 As A Candidate Reactor Steel Under Simulated Partially Thermal Cracking Of Oilsands Bitumen Xue Han, Canmetmaterials, Natural Resources Canada
Active Dissolution And Localized Corrosion Of Pure Zn Davood Nakhaie, The University Of British Columbia
Moving Towards Un Sustainable Development Goals By Managing Corrosion Risk Zoe Coull, Ice Dragon Corrosion Inc.
Effect Of Resin Impregnation On Corrosion Behaviour Of Alumix 321 Powder Metallurgy Alloys Abdulwahab Ibrahim, Cnaq
The Roles Of Mo And Cr During The Breakdown And Repassivation Of Oxide Films Formed On Ni-Based Alloys In Acidic Media James Noel, The University Of Western Ontario
Development Of A Non-Destructive System For Characterization Of Temper Embrittlement In Hy80 High Strength Steel Shannon Farrell, Defence Research And Development Canada
Student Presentations
Effects Of Alloying Elements On The Long-Term Hot Corrosion Of Boiler Tube Alloys Haofei Sun, University Of Alberta
The Thermal Stability And Corrosivity Of Bio-Oil With Methanol Addition Haoxiang Wang, University Of Alberta
Study On Localized Initiation/Propagation Of Hydrogen Induced Cracking (Hic) Of Welded Api X100 Pipeline Steel-Experiments And Fe Simulations. Yinghao Sun, University Of Calgary
Corrosion Performance And Predictive Studies Of Candidate Alloys Under Batch-Mode Hydrothermal Liquefaction (Htl) Of Model Compounds Haoyu Wang, Icfar, Dept. Of Chem/Biochem. Eng., Western University
Modification Of Steels Corrosion Resistance In Seawater With Deep Cryogenic Treatment Patricia Jovicevic-Klug, Institute Of Metals And Technology
The Effects Of Tempering Time On The Microstructure And Corrosion Behavior Of Wire Arc Additively Manufactured 420 Martensitic Stainless Steel Jonas Lunde, Memorial University Of Newfoundland
Investigation On Corrosion Of Candidate Steel For The Construction Of Supercritical Water Gasification (Scwg) Reactor Under Batch-Mode Conversion Of Lignocellulosic Biomass Model Compounds Haoyang Li, Western University
Effect Of Surface Modification On Corrosion Control Of Type 409 Stainless Steel In Hydrothermal Liquefaction Processing Of Biomass Elliott Asare, Mcmaster Univeristy
Microstructural Evolution And Electrochemical Performance Of The Interfacial Region Between A Wrought And A Wire Arc Additive Manufactured 420 Martensitic Stainless Steel Salar Salahi, Memorial University
Improved Erosion-Corrosion Resistance Of Electroless Ni-P Coating By The Formation Of Superelastic Niti Nanoparticles Zhi Li, Dalhousie University
Investigating Internal Oxidation Of Ag-Xin Alloys In A Time Resolved Study Yasaman Ghaffari, Queen’S University
Biodegradation Of Diethylenetriamine (Deta) And Metal-Deta Chelates Erin Furnell, University Of Toronto
Advanced Titanium Alloys With Tailored Properties For Applications In Medical Engineering Carsten Siemers, Institute For Materials Science, Technische Universitaet Braunschweig
Mo- And In-Containing Titanium Alloys For Medical Applications Fabian Haase, Institute For Materials Science, Technische Universität Braunschweig
Nanocrystalline Ti 13Nb 13Zr Alloy For Dental Implant Applications Lina Klinge, Institute For Material Science, Technische Universitaet Braunschweig
A Review On Thermal And Wear Characteristics Of Spark Plasma Sintered Titanium Alloy Reinforced With Copper Smelter Dust For The Production Of Energy Efficient Brake Rotors: South African Case Study Daniel Okanigbe, Tshwane University Of Technology
Microstructure Formation In Aa6Xxx During Nano-Second Pulsed Laser Processing Julien Zollinger, Institut Jean Lamour – Université De Lorraine
Predicted Back-Meniscus Stability For Horizontal Single Belt Casting (Hsbc) Process Mihaiela Isac, Mcgill University
Modelling The Use Of Sized Microbubbles To Advantage For The In-Line Degassing And Refining Of Aluminum Melts Mihaiela Isac, Mcgill University
Student Presentations
Effect Of Cu Content On Microstructure Evolution And Semisolid Behavior Of Aa6111 Alloy Mohamed Qassem, Uqac
Effect Of Two-Step Homogenization Treatment On The Evolution Of Al3Zr Dispersoids In Al-0.3Mg-0.4Si-0.2Zr Alloy Ali Elashery, Uqac
Assessment Of The Net Emissions Reduction Potential Of Iron Ore Beneficiation For Blast Furnace Ironmaking Britt Mackinnon, Hatch
Gas Handling Aspects Of Radioactive Metal Melting For Nuclear Waste Management Roki Fukuzawa, Hatch Ltd.
Improving The Performance Of A Mineral Battery: Use Of A Cufes2/Activated Carbon Anode Material Kashif Mairaj Deen, The University Of British Columbia
Potential Of Ionic Liquids In Solvent Extraction For The Recovery Of Cobalt And Nickel From Waste Matrices: A Review Guillermo Alvial-Hein, Queen’S University
Neutralization Process Of The Acid Mine Drainage Using Limestone And Waste Concrete Sludge Yutaro Takaya, Waseda University
Student Presentations
Low-Temperature Thermal Treatment Of Nickel Sulphide Concentrates For Ferronickel Generation Fanmao Wang, University Of Toronto
Leaching Of Selenium, Tellurium And Silver From Copper Anode Slime By Sulfuric Acid In The Presence Of Manganese(Iv) Oxide And Graphite: Kinetic Analysis Kurniawan Kurniawan, Korea University Of Science And Technology
Bioengineered Microorganisms For Efficient Recovery Of Nickel From Liquid Mine Effluents Patrick Diep, University Of Toronto
Effect Of Calcium Ion On Oxidation Rates And Surface Secondary Mineral Formation Of Pyrite In Alkaline Condtion Jifeng Xue, Waseda University
Separation Of Rare Earth Elements Via Selective Adsorption Onto Algal Biomass Mitchell Zak, University Of Toronto

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