Industrial Tour: CAMECO – Metal Fabrication Plant and Fuel Assembly Plant

August 25, 2023 | 8:00-16:30

  • Price: $150 CAD per person
  • Includes: lunch and bus transportation to and from the Fairmont Royal York hotel
  • Maximum number of participants: 15 guests

Requirements from participants: Government issued photo identification is required to enter the facility, long pants, closed-toed shoes. (Safety glasses and shop coat will be provided). Note that all visitors must be minimum of 18 years old.

About Cameco

Cameco is one of the largest global providers of the uranium fuel needed to energize a clean-air world. We are meeting the ever-increasing demand for clean, baseload electricity while delivering energy solutions to support the world’s net-zero goals. We have interests in tier-one mining and milling operations that have the licensed capacity to produce more than 30 million pounds of uranium concentrates annually, backed by more than 469 million pounds of proven and probable mineral reserves. We are also a leading supplier of uranium refining, conversion, and fuel manufacturing services.

Cameco Fuel Manufacturing is one of two suppliers serving Canada’s reactor fleet and is the largest Canadian-based fabricator of in-core reactor components for CANDU reactors around the world.

Our fuel manufacturing business consists of two facilities:

  • a fuel manufacturing plant in Port Hope where natural uranium dioxide (UO2) powder is pressed into pellets, fitted into zirconium tubes and then assembled into CANDU reactor fuel bundles.
  • a metal fabrication plant in Cobourg, Ontario that produces primarily zirconium metal fabrications for fuel bundle and reactor components.

What attendees can expect to see on the tour

Attendees will be provided an overview of Cameco, our business, and our strategy as well as a shop floor tour of the tube manufacturing operations in Cobourg and the uranium dioxide pellet production and fuel fabrication operations in Port Hope.

Climate Change and Sustainability Initiatives

Our uranium and fuel services products are used around the world in the generation of safe, carbon-free, affordable, base-load nuclear energy. Cameco’s business objectives are organized under 4 measures of success that reflect our commitment to ESG principals. They are:

  • a safe, healthy, and rewarding workplace
  • a clean environment
  • supportive communities
  • outstanding financial performance