Manufacturing Involving

Rapid Solidification

The Scope

The objective of the symposium is to showcase the recent strides in the area of rapid solidification processing of advanced metallic, intermetallics, and composite materials that have enabled advances in the manufacturing for emerging applications that is synchronous with advances in technology. The sessions in this symposium aims to showcase recent advances in research, development and implementation of technologies; a few salient themes would include metal-based powders, consolidation and processing, rapid prototyping, casting using non-equilibrium solidification processes, amorphous, nano-crystalline and crystalline materials, thin filament structures, and joining and integration of rapid solidified components. Application of technologies in commercial sectors such as transportation, energy and defense would be highlighted with focus on the science, principle, technology, advances and application.

Sessions/Subjects to be Covered

Abstracts are solicited for, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Alloy Development for Rapid Solidification.
  • Solidification Processes Involving Rapid Solidification.
  • Microstructure, Properties and Performance of Rapid Solidified Components.
  • Thermo-physical and Thermo-Mechanical Properties of Rapid Solidified Materials.
  • Post Processing: Joining, Coating, Finishing.
  • Corrosion and Environmental Aspects.
  • Innovation in Commercial Application of Rapid Solidification.

Symposium Organizers

Chair: Sumanth Shankar, McMaster University
Aziz Bogno, University of Alberta
David Lavasseur, Cégep de Trois-Rivières College
Jonas Valloton, University of Alberta
Xiaoming Wang, Purdue University