Session Chair Guidelines 

Thank you for your time as an onsite Session Chair at COM 2023!

Before COM 2023

The speakers have been notified of the date and time of their presentations, along with detailed guidelines to assist them in preparing their talks. The program is available online on the conference website.

At COM 2023

There will be NO printed program available onsite for COM 2023.

You will have the opportunity to download a mobile application specifically designed for the conference. Once you have installed the app on your device, you can view the live technical program for any last-minute changes.

Mandatory Meetings for Session Chairs and Speakers

  • In all technical rooms, all authors presenting that day and all individuals chairing/co-chairing sessions that day must meet 20 MINUTES PRIOR to the start of the session to collect biographies and upload presentations onto the computer. This procedure typically takes place during the coffee breaks from Tuesday, August 22 to Thursday, August 24.

General Information

  • The presenter preview room, situated in Prince Edward on the Mezzanine Level, will be available from Tuesday to Thursday, from 7:00 AM until the end of day.
  • All technical rooms will be equipped with computers, laser pointers, podium microphones, and slide advancement clickers.
  • Presenters have been instructed to bring a hardcopy of their brief biography and their presentation stored on a USB stick. No laptop hook-ups are permitted.

During Your Session

  • START SESSIONS ON TIME using your smartphone timer.
  • Use the sample script on page 2 to assist you in maintaining the flow of the sessions.
  • STAY ON SCHEDULE! Please ensure that sessions stay on schedule as we have multiple concurrent sessions. This is crucial because many attendees move between sessions to hear specific talks at specific times.
  • ABSENT SPEAKERS (no-shows): In the event of absent speakers, please DO NOT START THE NEXT PRESENTATION; honour all presenting times as per the program. If this happens, give the audience time to check their emails, take a break, etc.
  • ALLOTTED TIME: Speakers have 15 minutes for their presentation, followed by 5 minutes for questions, totaling 20 minutes. (Keynote presentations may have 40 minutes total). Please time the presentations carefully to ensure that the session runs according to the schedule.
  • SESSION PROBLEMS: If any problems arise, please promptly notify the AV staff or a COM staff member at the registration desk located in the foyer of the meeting rooms.