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Mining and metals are essential to global economic and social development; however, rules are changing, social and economic pressures to act more sustainably is growing, and technological advances are disrupting all sectors. While the direction towards a more sustainable world is clear, the path is not. This is an opportunity for the mining and metals community to define the role it can play to shape the agenda and to embrace and adapt to the changes to come, and in the process to be at the front of the line to reap the benefit of a sustainable future.

  • In this course, we will explore those challenges and we will discuss options to move towards a more sustainable system of metals production and use.
  • The short course is designed for the minerals and metals industries’ technical and operating management, as well as students.
  • The presenters are world renown in the field of energy and alternative green technologies.


You will get to know the global trends in novel sustainable energy processes from a wide perspective; carbon-free iron making, massive use of green hydrogen in metals production, achieving enviable energy efficiencies, a more versatile use of atomic energy in a sustainable era and, last but not least, learn the risk and opportunities of transitioning to sustainability.

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Outline and Presenters

Prof Antoine Allanore of MIT: The new Iron production with no CO2 (Boston Metal technology)

Susan Grandone CEO Mining 3 Canada: Hydrogen applications in the mining and Metallurgical applications in Australia

Tony Di Feo, Principal Engineer, NRCAN: Energy-efficient comminution/coarse particle flotation

Mike Dry, Principal, Arithmetek Inc: Using off-peak nuclear power for hydrogen generation, to help reduce global CO₂ emissions

Prof. Neville Plint, Director of the Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI) at The University of Queensland (UQ) in Australia, Metal processing sustainability: Exact title to be announced.

Dogan Paktunc, Senior Research Scientist, CanmetMINING: Energy-efficient ferrochrome processing in a Canadian context

Chih-Ting Lo, Principal | EELO: On Solutions Climate change risks and opportunities to Mineral Processing

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