Extractive Metallurgy in the Digital Age: How to get value from the 4th Industrial Revolution 

Short course dates: TBA

Course description 

Environmental restrictions and low grades require a new approach to the operational management of mining companies and their remote operations. The speed of computers and networks creates a new opportunity to proactively configure systems to avoid operational production, energy and consumables losses, to maximize yields and to be friendlier with the environment. The traditional operational systems require a new type of support to maximize recovery and reduce energy, water, and reagent costs.  Currently remote operations support can integrate metallurgical industrial complexes from raw materials to product delivery. People can work remotely supporting operations and staying safe and healthy. Today’s companies can increase productivity by developing predictive models to detect hidden losses in production, energy and water from equipment, ore/concentrate type, and unmeasured disturbances. People call this strategy tracking money losses in order to survive. 

Intended audience

  • Process Engineers
  • Mining Engineers
  • Plant Managers
  • Technical Support
  • Students of Chemical, Metallurgical, Electrical, Environmental Engineering

The course aims to present the great opportunities that exist in the extractive metallurgical industry for the integration of data from mineral processing, extractive metallurgical operations, laboratory, weather monitoring and planning information mining and geo metallurgical data. Attendees will be trained in how to transform data into information to avoid production losses.  They will learn to use the latest advanced data analysis and predictive analytics for operational support and optimization of the supply chain.  Examples of industrial cases will be shown. It is suggested that attendees have the plant process diagrams so that they can create a digital twin of their operations. 


  • To be announced

Course organizer: Osvaldo A. Bascur, OSB Digital, LLC. and Seeq