Metal Accounting: Key Points to Implement an Efficient System

Duration: 08:00-14:30
Date: Sunday, August 21
Price: $500 Regular, $250 for Students 

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Course description

A metal accounting system is the key tool for determining the real performances of a metallurgical installation and achieving Operational Excellence. Such a system can cover the full production process from the mine to the final smelter and/or refinery. Essential to manage base metals, it is crucial when processing precious and critical materials. This short course is an introduction to the main principles and interests of a metallurgical accounting system. A review of the best practice recommended by the AMIRA P754 code for metallurgical accounting is first presented. It is then demonstrated that before implementing a dedicated software, several key subjects must be properly addressed such as high-quality sampling and accurate measurements, adapted stock management, selection of the appropriate flowsheet or rigorous data storage. Once those key features will be properly implemented, a data reconciliation algorithm will be the “icing on the cake” that will finally improve the accuracy of the overall metal balance, allowing to get consistent data for the main KPIs calculation.

At the end of the course, a demonstration of the INVENTEO metal accounting solution will be provided.

Intended audience

  • 10-15 (mining and metallurgy industry)


Topic 1 – What is Metal Accounting?

  • Importance of metal accounting
  • The AMIRA P754 Code of practice for metal accounting
1.5 hrs

Topic 2 – Data generation and management

  • Measurement and sampling errors – Main points of theory
  • Data storage and information system
1.5 hrs

Topic 3 – Data Reconciliation for mineral and metallurgical processes

  • Example and theory
  • Improvement with granularity
1.5 hrs

Topic 4 – Inventory tracking

  • Stock management
  • Periodicity and scenarios
1 hr

Topic 5 – Implementation in INVENTEO metal accounting solution

  • Data workflow and validation
  • Generation of a metallurgical accounting report: a case study
0.5 hrs

Meet the Organizer

Marie-Véronique Durance

Marie-Véronique Durance graduated from the National Engineering School of Geology (1990, Nancy, France) and completed his education with a Master’s in General Management (2000, Nantes, France). She joined the software development team of BRGM in 1991 as a mineral processing engineer. In 1998, she is the Deputy Head of the Process Department of BRGM, keeping involved in mineral processing software activity.

Since 2004, Marie-Véronique Durance is the Co-managing Director of CASPEO. She is one of the inventors of INVENTEO, a solution for metallurgical accounting. She contributes to the implantation projects and ensures solution marketing.