Sponsorship Program

The conference of Metallurgists (COM) is considered the Premier event for metallurgists and material science professionals in Canada. Our conferences host delegates from all over the world. 60% of whom are from industry and 40% are academics. Last year’s first digital COM had over 250 attendees.

More than ever, MetSoc is counting on its partners during these challenging times to continue to deliver the work, research and content that authors have spent the last year working on.

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What can you achieve with Sponsorship?

  • Promote a new product/process
  • Obtain brand visibility
  • Engage a target audience
  • Enhance and solidify your brand image to the community at large

Why participate?

Sponsorship is a key aspect of the conference, making it possible for the Metallurgy & Materials Society of CIM to continue to offer programming and education to our community.