Electrochemical Degradation of Multi-Component Materials


This symposium focuses on materials degradation under electrochemical conditions. The goal is to share knowledge between different subdisciplines and inspire new ideas. Topics include but are not limited to:

  1. Aqueous corrosion of alloy (Ni-based, Al/Mg-based, steel)
  2. Materials evolution (oxygen loss/metal dissolution) in batteries
  3. Durability of catalysts in electrolysis and fuel cells (OER/ORR)
  4. Stability issues in desalination (adsorption and intercalation based)

Intended Audience

  • Academia
  • Researchers in corrosion as well as energy storage and conversion
  • Alloy producers, coating developers and automotive industry representatives.

Keynote Speaker

  • Jing Liu, University of Alberta
    “Temperature-dependent oxidation of FeCoNiCrCu high-entropy alloy: experimental investigation and density-functional theory calculations”

Symposium Organizers

Penghao Xiao

Chair: Penghao Xiao, Dalhousie University
James Noël, Western University
Chongyin Yang, Dalhousie University
Michael Metzger, Dalhousie University