Towards Sustainable Circularity: Mining to Materials


The purpose of this symposium is to create a multidisciplinary forum, bringing together experts and researchers in the fields of mining, mineral processing, metallurgy, and materials with a common interest in sustainability. Topics of interest include: mineral and material circularity, net-zero decarbonization processing, zero waste processes, batteries from minerals supply to recycling, climate change, water management, dry tailings and adaptation.

Intended Audience

  • Academics
  • Industry
  • Consultants
  • Government

Keynote Speaker

  • Jeffrey Donald, Head of On-Shore Development, The Metals Company
    Using polymetallic nodules to innovate manganese markets: A new manganese feed for SiMn alloy production

Symposium Organizers

Co-Chairs: Chris Pickles, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario
and Brittany MacKinnon, Hatch, Mississauga, Ontario

Charlotte Gibson, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario
Qian Zhang,
Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario
Roki Fukuzawa, Hatch, Mississauga, Ontario
Karen Chovan, Enviro Integration Strategies Inc., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Margarete Kalin, Boojum Research Inc, Toronto, Ontario
Gillian Holcroft, Canada Mining Innovation Council, Ottawa, Ontario
Douglas Kao, Artisanal Gold Council, Victoria, British Colombia
Laurie Reemeyer, Resourceful Pathways, Victoria, British Colombia
Lorena Tere, Apple, Cupertino, California, USA