Challenges of Industry 4.0:

Sensors, Control, Automation and the use of Digital Information

Learning Objectives

The fourth industrial revolution has arrived and is developing in an accelerated way, extractive metallurgy and chemical metallurgy must seize the opportunity. This symposium will be the occasion to share experiences and learnings. As always, COM conferences are a perfect place to meet between operators, researchers, suppliers, all together with a common goal, to advance knowledge as a development tool for the industry.

Our community needs to respond to the gap in the availability of sensors for the development of monitoring and control systems applying all the modern tools of data analytics.

Topics to be addressed cover:

  • Instrumentation control, and modeling with a holistic view in perspective to identify opportunities to integrate intelligent instrumentation
  • data analytics systems for processes optimization where they face enormous challenges
  • Opportunities / limitations for transferring Industry 4.0 to Extractive-Metallurgy
  • Determining a better definition for industry 4.0 in pyrometallurgy

Processes have to aim at increasing material and energy intensity, guaranteeing greater availability of equipment while complying with increasingly stringent environmental and safety standards in a scenario of progressive decline in mineral grades with increasing content of impurities.

Intended Audience

  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metal producers
  • EPCM firms
  • AI suppliers/users
  • Academia

Symposium Organizers

Chair: Roberto Parra, University of Concepcion
Tanai Marin, XPS
Gerardo Alvear, Independent Consultant
Elmira Moosavi, Aurubis AG
Alessandro Navarra, McGill University