Chloride Metallurgy

Mission Statement

The goal of this symposium is to bring together a group of international technical experts from industry and academia to present and discuss recent advances in chloride related metallurgy subjects, and to provide a high quality metallurgical service to a diverse audience. The symposium also aims to advance the interactions between various science and engineering disciplines related to the chemistry and processing using other halogens, but with a strong focus on chloride systems.

Focus and Audience

The focus of this symposium is on, but is not limited to, hydrometallurgical processing routes involving the use of chlorides and other halogens. The following is a list of topics that will be covered, and for which submissions are invited from interested parties. However, other topics of related interest will also be considered:

  • Chloro-alkali processing
  • PGM Refining
  • Leaching – Atmospheric, Heap and Pressure leaching of both sulfides and oxides
  • Gold, Rare-Earth, and base metals refining
  • Steel plant pickle liquors
  • Titanium and Vanadium
  • Solvent extraction/Ion exchange in chloride media

Our aim is to have a diverse group of scientists and engineers from metal producers, equipment suppliers, engineering firms, test laboratories and academia to share their experience and expertise to facilitate cross-pollination of knowledge between various industries related through chloride and halogen metallurgy.

Symposium Organizers

Chair: Ramanpal Saini, Vale Technology and Innovation Group
Mike Dry, Arithmetek Inc.
Wenying Liu, UBC
Bryn Harris, independent consultant