Novel Technologies for Environmental Footprint Reduction in

Mineral Processing Operations


The symposium will focus on new technologies to reduce the environmental footprint of mineral processing operations, including those processing mineral ores and mine by-products. Technologies that improve the social responsibility of operations, in particular those that have a potential to reduce water and energy required for processing and carbon footprint, are welcome. Papers involving demonstration of novel processing technologies, application of advanced manufacturing and computational tools, novel sensing, control, and data analysis methods (AI, IoT, VR/AR), carbon capture and utilization technologies such as mineral carbonation in mining tailings, mining waste utilization, and resource recovery from the mining by-products are particularly encouraged to submit their work.

Sessions/Subjects to be Covered:

Abstracts are solicited for, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Novel processing technologies for water and energy reduction of mineral processing operations (Sanja/Erin)
  • Advanced computational modeling of mineral processing systems (Peter)
  • Novel process control and IIoT technologies (AI, IoT, VR/AR) (Jocelyn)
  • Novel sensing and sorting technologies (David)
  • Carbon capture and utilization technologies such as mineral carbonation in mining tailings (Rafael)
  • Value recovery from waste/reprocessing (Rory)

Symposium Organizers

Sanja Miskovic, University of British Columbia
Erin Bobicki, University of Toronto
Rafael Santos, University of Guelph
Rory Cameron, NRCan
David Turner, MineSense
Jocelyn Bouchard, Laval University
Peter Radziszewski, Metso