Welcome to Toronto

For the trailblazers who leave no destination unexplored; meeting in Toronto puts you at the economic, innovative and cultural heart of Canada. An exciting city that’s ever-evolving!

Explore vibrant neighbourhoods, each one representing different facets of Indigenous, European, African, Caribbean and other cultural influences that add to our city’s eclectic identity. Follow your curiosity through towering skyscrapers or down artistic alleyways. Navigate sprawling seasonal markets, barhop live-music venues or land at a sporting event. Even if you’ve been here before, there’s always new adventures to be had.

  • 4th largest city in North America
  • Most-visited destination in Canada
  • 10,000+ restaurants
  • 125+ museums and galleries
  • 200+ languages and dialects spoken
  • Over 51% of population born outside of Canada
  • 2 international airports serve 180+ global destinations


  • The Toronto Islands are the biggest car-free community in North America
  • The Toronto Zoo is the largest zoo in Canada and the third largest in the world, housing 16,000 animals of 491 different species.
  • Toronto’s Casa Loma is the only truly authentic castle in North America.
  • There are over 23,700 artists in Toronto, which is almost twice as many artists as any other Canadian city.
  • Toronto is the third largest city for English theatre, being just behind New York and London
  • Toronto has earned the name Hollywood North as the filming location for film and television hits including Suicide Squad, It, Suits and The Handmaid’s Tale.



Toronto is one of the only cities with teams in almost every North American major professional league. Luckily, our wide-ranging weather gifts sport fans with year-round entertainment. Whether it’s a summertime Blue Jays game or a snowy NHL season, you’ll feel at home within our massive arenas and lively sport bars, while surrounded by equally-passionate locals.


If you’re an avid theatre or concert-goer, head to the Entertainment District for high-production and globally-acclaimed shows. Toronto’s theatre, improv and music scenes are the heart and soul of our city, blessing the public with musical classics, star-studded entertainment and inspiring local treasures like Come From Away and Second City, among others.


Toronto’s multicultural roots are deliciously reflected within 10,000 restaurants across 140 neighbourhoods. Whether it’s the authentic Asian dishes of Chinatown and Koreatown, or a family-owned Mexican eatery in Kensington Market, indulge in one of the best food scenes in North America.


Just south of Toronto is Ontario’s Niagara Region, home to the famous Niagara Falls. Beyond the falls, this region encompasses Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario’s scenic vineyards of over 80 wineries.

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