A journey through refractory design development – how to evaluate the best techno-economical solution for my process?

Extractive Metallurgy from Conception to Operation: Experimentation, Simulation, Pilot and Ramp-up


August 19, 2024




Halifax Convention Centre

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11 Presenter

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Course as described, coffee service, lunch

Course Description

Refractories are ceramic products designed for the application in high temperature processes up to 1800°C. In our daily lives it is considered to be just “a brick” or “a mix” for most of us but a refractory solution for a furnace consists of a complex interaction of mechanical, chemical and thermal factors and their trade-off in terms of the expected service life for a furnace.

This short course provides a unique opportunity to deepen the knowledge into the refractory world. Participants are enabled to assess refractories and lining concepts with respect to their suitability for pyrometallurgical processes in the non-ferrous industry. They also become familiar with common wear mechanisms, possible failure types and strategies to mitigate them during the design process.

Following aspects are covered:

  • Raw materials for production of refractories
  • Shaped refractory products
  • Refractories and lining concepts for primary & secondary NF vessels and furnaces
  • Typical refractory wear in NF vessels and furnaces (selected case studies)
  • Selected refractory testing methods

Supporting Affiliation:

Pyrometallurgy technical section of MetSoc, Hatch and RHI Magnesita

Meet the Organizers/Presenters:

Dean Gregurek, Research Associate, RHI Magnesita GmbH
Afshin Sadri, Global Director of Asset Performance Management (APM) Group, Hatch