Online Professional Short Courses

We invite you to join us virtually from anywhere in the world for 2021 Online Professional Short Courses. Research presentations will be at your fingertips. Experts in the field have been working in the last year on their peer-reviewed papers and will present their findings to you. Help encourage the work of these professionals. Join us for the digital event hosted by MetSoc.

These courses are set to complement the content offered at COM 2021- 60th Anniversary of the Conference of Metallurgists. It is not mandatory to register to the Virtual conference to purchase a registration for any of the Short Courses.

Short Courses 2021

Corrosion in Energy Sectors

2 Days – May 25 and 27, 2021 (11:00-15:00 EST)
Course organizer: Min (Mina) Xu, University of British Columbia
Jing Liu, University of Alberta


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Quality Life of Powder for Additive Manufacturing

4 Days – September 21-24
Course organizer: Yao Yao Ding, B3D Performance Inc.

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Chloride Metallurgy

3 Days – July 19, 21, 23, 2021
Course organizer: Wenying Liu, University of British Columbia


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Extractive Metallurgy in the Digital Age: How to get value from the 4th Industrial Revolution

4 Days – TBA
Course organizer: Osvaldo A. Bascur, OSB Digital, LLC. and Seeq

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