Carbon & Energy Management in Process Metallurgy

WALSIM X: Water, Air, Land Sustainability Issues in Mining and Metal Extraction


August 19, 2024




Halifax Convention Centre

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Course as described, coffee service, lunch

Course Description

The objective of this short course is to educate attendees on the drivers to decarbonization, decarbonizations concepts, and on short and transformational strategies to decarbonization. The short course aligns with the WALSIM symposium as it looks into greenhouse gas emissions— one of the five major topics highlighted by the symposium. The course comprises of two sections: before lunch—focusing on technical concepts—and after lunch—centered on case studies. Technical concepts covered include decarbonization drivers, carbon accounting, and energy efficiency.

Intended Audience:

The course targets industry professionals and academics involved with process metallurgy, independently of their particular expertise. It is also applicable to experts in mineral processing, pyrometallurgy, hydrometallurgy or in ESG for the Mining and Metallurgical industries. The course starts with introductory concepts, meaning it does not require any previous knowledge in carbon and energy management.

Supporting Affiliation:

Sustainability Technical section of MetSoc

Meet the Organizers/Presenters:


Maéva Chrzaszcz, Junior Process Metallurgist, Hatch
Aya Benotmane, Climate Change EIT, Hatch


  1. Bill Tubbs: Operations Management Consulting
  2. Kara Serenius: Principal Advisor, By-products Best Practices and Projects – Environment and Sustainability, Aluminium, Rio Tinto
  3. Third presenter: TBC.